Guest Services

Up to 12 per cent of hotel guests who have extended stays are interested in laundry and dry-cleaning options through their hotel. You have more important things to worry about, so let us take care of your guests’ clothes for you.

We offer same-day dry-cleaning and laundry service from Monday to Saturday, and guarantee delivery by 6 p.m. that day. Even more: we will take care of your guests’ clothes at regular retail rates. This means that you can offer laundry services to your guests – building customer loyalty while differentiating your establishment from the competition – without paying extra. Many of our partner hotels add an additional fee to cover expenses, increasing revenue at no additional cost.

Staff Benefits

You only get one chance to make a first impression on your guests. And when your staff look great, your establishment does, too. Invest in your staff’s image and you’ll make the impression you need to turn your guests into returning customers.

We offer dry cleaning and laundry services for hotels and staff at an exclusive corporate rate, so it’s easy for you to keep your employees looking sharp without hurting your bottom line. Speak to your account representative about our corporate offerings – they’ll ensure you get the best possible price.

Banquet Services

Banquets and convention services are integral to many hotels. Yet they can also be chaotic and difficult to manage. So why handle laundry services yourself when you could leave it to the experts?

Whether it’s a wedding, business luncheon, community gala or week-long convention, you can trust The Press Gallery to clean your customers’ garments quickly and effectively every time. We will clean your textiles, from lines and draperies to specialty decoration items, expertly and quickly, so your banquets and conventions go off without a hitch.

Hosting a big conference? We do that, too. Conference attendees and organizers can rely on us for same-day service Monday through Saturday, all at our regular rates.

Property Presentation

Your guests might forget the pool, the room service and the size of the television, but they’ll never forget how your hotel looks. After all, you spend thousands of dollars staging and decorating it. So why not entrust your appearance to the experts at The Press Gallery? We ensure everything in your hotel stays looking fresh and clean – making a great first impression that lasts.

We can provide specialty cleaning for a wide range of items. Items like floor mats, draperies, towels, tablecloths and promotional banners…if you’ve got them, we can clean them. Let us take care of the details: it’s what we do best.

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