• Do you charge for the pickup and delivery?

    Our pickup and drop off service is completely free of charge for your added convenience.

  • Is there a minimum order for pickup?

    No, we’re happy to pick up and deliver one item, or an entire bag full!

  • How quick is your turnaround?

    We have a 2-day turnaround Monday to Wednesday and Tuesday to Thursday, which includes pickup, a day for cleaning and a day for delivery. In certain circumstances, we can also provide rush same-day service.

  • Will you call with a quote if the price is higher than expected?

    If your item is a specialty piece, we’ll call with a quote before proceeding with any cleaning. Items such as leathers, area rugs and wedding gowns are automatically quoted prior to cleaning because of the range of rates due to type, size and other factors. Please note, a request for quote might result in a slightly longer turnaround time.

  • If I need a faster service, can that be arranged?

    While we can’t make any promises. we can usually arrange for you to pick up completed items from our west end location if you require them faster than our standard two-day turnaround. Orders dropped off to us directly may even be completed and delivered back to you the next day. To confirm whether we can assist your request, please contact us with details about what you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

  • What are your payment options?

    Our Service reps carry a “Square” point of sale device that accepts credit and branded (not Interac) debit cards. You can also make a payment through PayPal or arrange to pick up your items at our counter, where we accept Interac payments, as well credit and cash.

  • Do you offer corporate or volume discounts?

    Occasionally we offer corporate rates, which are based on the projected size of the account. To find out if you qualify for a special rate or rebate, please speak with your account representative.

  • How do your service representatives handle large or heavy orders?

    Typically, orders are brought in as part of each service representative’s regular route. If an order or an item is particularly large, they may choose to make arrangements for a special pickup by a team or using a larger service vehicle. If you have a substantial order or an item that is large or heavy, please let our CSRs know so we can make the appropriate pickup requirements to ensure your items are properly handled in a timely manner.

  • What is the Energy & Environmental Waste Fee?

    This is a government levy or extra tax on the dry cleaning industry. Many dry cleaners use harsh and toxic chemicals. Even though we don’t and are among Canada’s green leaders in this industry, we’re still required to collect and pay in the Waste Fee from all our clients.


Dry Cleaning
Coat / $32.45
Jacket / $12.95
Dress or Gown / $17.95
Suits / $24.90
Pant / $11.95

Skirts / $10.70

Necktie / $6.95
Parka / $31.90  (Downfilled) / $38.94
Wool Blankets / $34.60

Shirts and Blouses / $4.35
Shirt (Hand Pressed) / $4.95
Fluff and Fold (per pound) / $2.50
Comforter / $32.70
Down Comforter / $59.55

Specialty Services
Bridal Gown / Starts at $164.45
Window Treatment / Call for a quote
Suede and Leather / Call for a quote
Purse / Starts at $92.50
Area Rug / Starts at $40.00 ($2.00 / sq. Ft.)
Fur / Call for a quote
Electronics / Call for a quote

Press+ Subscription Services
Press+ Premium / $79.95 per month for laundry
Press+ Business Class / $109.90 for laundry and shirt service
Press+ First Class / $139.95 for laundry, shirt service and dry cleaning