Nobody likes to let go of their favourite dress shirt. Sadly, too many are lost to faded colours, frayed cuffs and collars, shrinking necks and sleeves or plain old household wear. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Press Gallery uses enzyme-based detergents, rather than harsh chemicals, to give superior cleaning results while being gentle on your fabrics. Your whites will remain bright and your colours won’t fade with time. Our professional cleaning saves time and money and extends the life of your shirts.

If you wear it,
we clean it.

With lots of experience. Shirts are the backbone of our business – we clean more shirts with everything else put together. We pay special attention to collars and cuffs, and shirts are then pressed on a dedicated pressing machine, giving them a crisp finish. Shirts are not hard-pressed; they’re steamed, thereby removing the drying and pressing functions from the process which age fabrics quicker. When we’re done, we’ll hang or fold them as you prefer and return them to you neatly packaged. 

Schedule a free pickup by contacting us and get a quote now. Every item we clean is backed by our 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.